Thundercat Racing Approved at St. George Power Boat Club

Amazing news from last nights APBA meeting!

We now have the structure approved to enable the start of Thundercat racing on 31 October 2015 at St. George Power Boat Club – Kogarah Bay.


The next steps are as follows:

  • Join the St. George Motor Boat Club – entry forms are on their website
  • Join the St. George Power Boat Club $5 annual fee
  • Obtain APBA licence/boat registration – the new forms incorporating the more economical fee structure are being put together over the next couple of days.
  • The APBA fee structure is as follows:
    • $350 annual fee for owner/driver, OR
    • $200 annual fee for owner, OR
    • $150 annual fee for driver
    • Passenger/2nd crew member – no charge but must be over 16 years of age, a member of the St. George Power Boat Club, complete self assessment medical form, fill in a “day licence form” to capture their details, sign indemnity form (if under 18 must be co-signed by parent guardian.
    • Drivers must undergo a medical by local GP
    • Race numbers will be issued at registration with the APBA, starting from T01
    • numbers to be placed on engine cowl
    • APBA Officials will be present on 31 October to collect APBA Driver/Owner fees, they should have an eftpos machine available, cash is often easier

Day Racing Licence/Boat Registration

Given the short time between now and the 31 October, a Day Racing Licence/Boat registration may be utilised

    • Cost of Day licence is $150 owner/driver; $90 owner; $60 driver
    • A self assessment medical is required
    • Only 2 day licences can be used per season
    • The cost of any day licence is deducted from the cost of the full time licence


Approval has been given for the racing clothing to include

    • Downhill mountain bike helmet (Dave Minton has a photo of same)
    • Arms & Legs must be covered e.g. racing suit, overalls, track suit.
    • Ballistic / Wet Suit Shorts
    • Life Vest


The boats need to have the following safety features

    • Rubber “torque” straps to hold down leg (from lower transom bolts to rear of cav plate).
    • No bolts protruding inwards through transom (bolt heads on the inside).
    • Outboard must be bolted on, not clamps only.
    • Only plastic fuel tanks to be used, strapped to floor (not transom).
    • Throttle return spring.
    • Any ballast should be a plastic bottle only (water filled).

Race Day Details

    • Daily race entry fee (currently $75) is payable to cover the costs of the Paramedic, Maritime Exclusive Use advertisement etc.
    • Alcohol breath testing is conducted
    • We will run both Handicap and Scratch Races
    • The order of racing is likely to be
      • Juniors
      • Club Boats
      • Thundercats
    • Each class will require a different course to be set up

Remember we have an Aquatic Club meeting tonight 20th October, and We have our Presentation Night / Informal social gathering on Friday night.

Everyone is welcome to both. We hope to see you soon!

Author: Sharon Peaty

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