Speedboat Spectacular Wrap up – Letter from the Commodore

To all boat owners, race boat drivers, pit crews , sponsors and volunteers who attended our race day on Sunday 9th November 2014, the Commodore and flag officers, the race committee and all members of the St. George Power Boat Club wish to thank you all for your attendance on the day and appreciate your patience in what turned out to be weather wise a catastrophe .

As you are all aware this was the second time we have tried to run the Stuart Doyle Cup only to loose out to extreme wind conditions and we have had no choice but to look at the safety aspect and not endanger drivers and their race boats.

The decision having been made to cancel the event was a letdown to us and to you the visitors but the Aquatic Club will regroup and plan the event again and hopefully beat the weather which has plagued this event.

In closing we again reiterate our thanks for your patience and understanding the situation at hand. Please follow our website for future news.

Regards to all from the StGAC.

Craig Roberts

Author: Sharon Peaty

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